I tried the product in both my vegetable garden as well as my landscaped beds.  Used it next to some other fabric that I had from the hardware store.  Easy to space my plants out without having to cut anywhere.  A month later, weeds had grown through my other roll but not a weed in site coming through the punch n plant fabric.  Would recommend to anyone and plan on buying again next year.  

Jan Ramberger

Used in my raised garden beds.  Don't like using garden staples so layered with 2 inches of fresh compost.  I couldn't believe how professional the garden looks with perfectly spaced plants. I grew larger plants with less watering needed and only 1 or 2 weeds popped up all season.  5 stars!

Vivian Stacy


Can not believe how professional it makes my garden look.  I used some straw I had left over to cover the fabric and it worked as advertised.  Almost no weeds (except around edges of bed) and decreased watering needs.  Picture is from early in the season where you can see the perfect spacing.

Valerie Stevens